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OpenForum Europe finds trademark references in IT procurements widespread, break rules - Report: 'Contracting authorities must take exit costs into account'

Public administrations that are procuring IT services and software must add to the budget plan the exit costs needed to move to alternative IT solutions after the end of the contract period. That is one of the recommendations by Open Forum Europe, an organisation advocating the use of open standards in ICT, in a report on procurement published this Monday.

By not taking into account these exit costs, public administrations "allow inefficient suppliers to remain in the market", the lobby group writes in its 'Monitoring Report on the European IT procurement market.

OFE: "It may persuade contracting authorities to apply exceptional awarding procedures to extend existing contracts, instead of inviting other economic operators to bid. As derogations of the principles of competition, these procedures should only be applicable under exceptional circumstances."

The group also recommends that European procurement rules take into account discriminatory practices that happen in the procurement market. "The EU decision-makers have to take a series of measures to open up public procurement to all economic operators, including small and medium-sized enterprises, by removing artificial obstacles and improving procedures and encouraging the widest possible participation. By ensuring that procurement policies and processes do not discriminate against certain types of business models or suppliers, the existing barriers to entry will be reduced."