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Openforum Europe: Procurement law fails to address discriminatory practices

Joinup - Using technical specifications to discriminate ICT solutions continues to be a widespread practice within the EU, says Openforum Europe, advocating the use of open standards in ICT. Publishing the results of its audit of European procurement, OFE yesterday urged for action. "These persisting discriminatory practices are not properly addressed."

OFE yesterday shared the results of its most recent inspection of 'invitations to tender' published in the Official Journal of the European Union. It studied 785 tender requests from the last quarter of 2012. "Almost one in five, 19 per cent, includes technical specifications with explicit references to trademarks. That is the highest in the last three years."

"Such practices are against the principles of competition and the fulfilment of the Single Market" OFE writes. It says that this discrimination is an obstacle to small and medium-sized enterprises. "The procurement market should be open, innovative and transparent."