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Procuring the future — the new EU Public Procurement Directive

The Lawyer - On 28 March 2014, there was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) a new Public Procurement Directive (Directive 2014/24/EU) that will form the legal framework for procurement over the coming years. Two others were published at the same time, one dealing with Concession Contracts (Directive 2014/23/EU) and the other with procurement by Utilities (Directive 2014/25/EU). Each will come into force on 17 April 2014 and require to be implemented in member states within two years. The Cabinet Office has announced that it has an ambitious timetable for implementation and is currently consulting on a range of issues that require to be settled at national level. While we do not yet know the final detail of the new regime we will be working to, it does seem very likely that not only will we know but they will be implemented here well before the end of 2014.