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Public Sector ICT: Cross Party MPs Insist Government Should Become An "Intelligent Customer" In New Report

eGov monitor - The Commons Public Administration Select Committee has published a report on Information Technology in government. The report asserts that the government still has to recognise the challenges of “intelligent” procurement.

They argue for an overhaul of the procurement process, to break the hold of large suppliers with the implementation of benchmarking costs across departments.

PASC have applauded the government’s response to their previous report on the same matter, calling the reaction constructive. However this new report points out several areas where government action will simply not be good enough to address "the scale of behavioural and process change required across government".

PASC has also noted that the government has not responded to the reports accusation that the large systems integrators operate like a cartel. The report also highlighted the lack of accurate information that has made it impossible for the government to penetrate the “cartel’s” price curtain. PASC pointed out that this has crippled the government’s ability to spot potential over-charging, and subsequent waste of taxpayer’s money. It argued for an independent investigation into the sector, and for the government to seek out a reliable benchmarking system.