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The Digital Agenda Stakeholder Community on Procurement, IT & Standards is now launched!

The community grew out of the Digital Agenda Stakeholder Day on 25 October 2010 and will be facilitated by representatives from several organizations around Europe as well as individual participants. Until the community gets fully up and running, OpenForumEurope's Open Procurement Task Force, will take the lead.

A key goal is to present advice to the European Commission at the EU's Digital Assembly on 16-17 June 2011 stemming from our various experiences with public procurement, as public procurers, bidders, policy makers, consultants, end users or otherwise as stakeholders in this crucial process. 

Join the epractise community now

Please free to Join the epractise communityPost to the blogShare a resource, Invite others to join, browse the ePractice portal for News or Cases to highlight for this community, and most important of all, contribute to the best practice (and possibly bad practice) we will be presenting to the Commission in June 2011. Remember that you have to be logged in to have access to the full range of the Standards, IT & Procurement community's resources.