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Analysis: EU data-sharing projects show early promise

Computing - Vice-president of the European Commission Neelie Kroes is never short of things to say, but the constant flow of words masks a digital agenda which, despite lofty ambitions, has seen slow progress to date.

Pushing standardised e-government services across member states, along with the ICT system interoperability to support those services, has been a big focus for the EU for some time. It wants 50 per cent of individuals and 80 per cent of businesses to use e-government tools by the end of 2015, for example.

The EU has fostered a small number of projects designed to showcase working examples of successful implementation of e-government initiatives. These are intended to make it easier for smaller businesses in the region to set up shop in other member states.

Launched in 2008, the Pan European Public Procurement OnLine project (PEPPOL) was designed to ease communication between companies or suppliers and government bodies responsible for procurement processes in the EU, for example.