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Cloud standards set to mature in next 18 months

Out-Law - Standards in cloud computing are "more focused" than had been thought but they lack widespread adoption, a report commissioned by the European Commission has found.

The Commission has asked the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to help set out what standards cloud service providers should follow in order to operate in a way that both promotes EU market interests and complies with EU laws. ETSI established a 'Cloud Standards Coordination' (CSC) group which has now reported on the current landscape for standards in cloud computing.

"The analysis has concluded that cloud standardisation is much more focused that anticipated," the CSC's report said. "In short: the cloud standards landscape is complex but not chaotic and by no means a 'jungle'. Though several cloud computing standards have seen successful adoption in small-scale and research projects, cloud computing-specific standards [have] not seen widespread adoption by cloud providers to date."

The European Commission previously suggested that standards in cloud computing may relate to issues such as data security, interoperability and data portability.