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'Confusion about open standards clouds public debate'

Joinup - Björn Lundell - Politicians and software makers are confused about the meaning and impact of openness in standards, says a group of Swedish academics. A workshop they held in the city of Skövde on Tuesday marked the beginning of a three-year research project to build a reference model for open standards and open source. They aim "to improve understanding of open standards and their implementations in open source."

The research project, titled Open source software Reference Implementations for Open Standards (Orios), will be carried out by the University of Skövde and three firms specialising in open source, PrimeKey Solutions, Pro4u Open Source and RedBridge. The project is financially supported by the Knowledge Foundation, a Swedish research funding organisation.

"Orios will allow stakeholders to communicate unambiguously about the costs, benefits and effects of open standards and open source", predicts University of Skövde professor Björn Lundell, one of project's researchers. "It will provide concrete examples that help organisations benefit from reference implementations."