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DFID's plan: open document formats for publishing

GOV.UK - Cabinet Office announced the Open Document Format for Office Productivity Applications policy on 22 July 2014, which established ODF (1.2) as the standard for sharing documents across the public sector. PDF/A and HTML5 become the default for publishing documents. The open standards guidelines apply to all new documents published on GOV.UK.

The Technology Leaders’ Network meeting on 26 September 2014 called for publication of implementation plans. This response is based on assessment of office productivity and web publishing tools available to DFID for publishing to externally facing internet sites including GOV.UK, Development Tracker,, the Supplier Portal and the Contracts Finder.

Phase one of this plan outlines:

  • the areas where the department can continue to publish
  • changes to publishing formats that can be implemented immediately
  • changes to integrated tools required as part of our publishing process that may take longer to draw up and implement

Phase 2 of this plan relating to office productivity tools within the department will be published in the first week of December 2014.

Phase 3 of this plan relating to open standard document formats in integrated tools will be published in the last week of January 2015.