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Document Liberation Project aims to break vendor lock-in

InfoWorld - New open source developer consortium promises to end upgrade arms race, enabling users to reclaim orphaned documents.

When Apple highlighted the mess we're all in with old document formats recently, it was clear we needed someone to step in and start to fix the problem. Today at a developer conference in Leipzig, Germany, someone did. The new Document Liberation Project, sponsored by The Document Foundation, seeks to collect samples of all known document formats, document them, and build import filters so they can be imported into open source software like LibreOffice.

Project leader Fridrich Strba has been a developer involved for many years in the Libre Graphics Meeting, a gathering of programmers devoted to creating industry-strength software of artists and authors of all kinds. They have previously helped develop filters to handle files from proprietary software such as Microsoft Visio, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher, and Apple Keynote. The filters they create are then incorporated into open source projects like Abiword, Calligra, Inkscape, LibreOffice, and Scribus, allowing these tools to unlock the data and ensure it is available long term both for creative purposes and for archiving.