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EU Open Standards: We Want Actions, Not Words

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - Open standards has been a recurring theme here on Open Enterprise. It's also been the occasion of one of the most disgraceful U-turns by the European Commission. That took place in the wake of the European Interoperability Framework v1, which called for any claimed patents to be licensed irrevocably on a royalty-free basis. But when EIF v2 came out, we found the following:

Intellectual property rights related to the specification are licensed on FRAND terms or on a royalty-free basis in a way that allows implementation in both proprietary and open source software.

In other words, EIF v2 is a disaster for free software, since FRAND terms are not compatible with it except in odd, atypical cases. This was a clear instance of the European Commission giving in to lobbyists in a particularly craven manner.

So when I read the following, I was naturally sceptical: