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FixMyDocuments round 1: 15,000 EU documents need fixing

Joinup - The FixMyDocuments campaign has compiled a list of over 15,000 editable documents from the European institutions not available in the Open Document Format. The ongoing campaign, started in September, is urging the European authorities to start using ODF. “Public administration need to realise what impact they have on the market”, says campaign organiser Maël Brunet. “Public administrations need to ensure long-term sustainability of their editable documents, and ODF is the only ISO standard that is fully supported by most office tools, including open source.”

Brunet, director of European Policy at OpenForum Europe, summarised the initial results of FixMyDocuments, presenting the campaign at the OpenWorldForum conference in Paris. In the first 1.5 months, the campaign received links to over 15,000 editable documents published on the websites of the European institutions, all unavailable in the ODF format. 

The European Commission recommends that for editable documents, the institutions should support as a minimum two ISO standards, the Open Document Format and Office Open XML. According to Brunet, the EC does neither. “The EC’s editable documents are hardly ever made available as ODF. But neither in the ISO OOXML standard: it is unclear how much of that standard is actually implemented in any software solution. The least the EC could do, is to put its policy into practice.”