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How Microsoft Fought True Open Standards IV

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - Yesterday I looked at the first part of a long document that Microsoft sent the Cabinet Office in October last year. Here I'd like to explore one of the other sections, which is headed as follows:

The revised definition [of open standards] would not advance the government’s underlying interoperability objectives, nor would it advance the government’s underlying cost saving objectives.

This part begins:

While standards are clearly an important part of a government interoperability program, it is important to remember that standards alone do not guarantee interoperability and that they are merely one piece of the puzzle towards fostering better interoperability.

Some of the others, Microsoft suggests, are "clear drafting, robust interoperability testing of implementations, widespread market acceptance."

As for that clear drafting, here's what someone wrote the day after Microsoft's OOXML was accepted as an ISO standard: