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Improved OOXML support for LibreOffice and OpenOffice

The H Open - Developers from a project hosted by the Open Source Business Alliance are working to improve the compatibility of LibreOffice and OpenOffice with Microsoft Office. The German municipalities of Munich, Jena and Freiburg, and the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, the Swiss Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) and the Swiss Canton of Vaud – who together use OpenOffice on around 18,000 workstations – have jointly raised €140,000 (approximately £109,000) funding for the project.

The goal is to improve the way in which Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents that have been saved in the Microsoft-developed OOXML format can be imported, displayed and edited. Among other things, the developers plan to enhance the formatting of frames, images, tables and lists in Word documents. They are also working to fix the display of comments in Word and Excel files and add the option to embed fonts in ODF and OOXML documents. They say, however, that they need a further €30,000 (£23,000) to complete the font embedding feature and have called on interested OpenOffice and LibreOffice users to contribute development funds.