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Microsoft promises Office 365 update for open document format

V3 - Microsoft will issue an update to Office 365 to enhance support for the Open Document Format (ODF) championed by the government, allowing users to export files as ODF regardless of the format they were created in.

In a Microsoft blog post, Jesse Stanchak, Microsoft's community manager, revealed the update will arrive later this year having worked with the Government Digital Service (GDS) to understand its requirements.

"While we already have great ODF support in O365, we’ve worked with GDS to understand the need to be able to create or import a document in another format and export it as ODF 1.2 and will be rolling out this new functionality to Office 365 in May," she said.

"These changes ensure that Microsoft Office 365 will be compliant with the policy for sharing and collaborating on government documents and available for all public sector organisations."