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Now comes the acid test for the government's open standards policy

Computer Weekly - The UK government's consultation on the use of open document formats has closed*, and we now wait for the acid test of the Cabinet Office commitment to open standards.

The outcome of this process will determine the government's ability to break its lock-in to proprietary software for years to come.

Responses to the consultation - available online for all to read and comment, in a welcome break from the past - have spread across 14 web pages, such is the interest in what may seem an arcane and narrow topic to those outside IT.

The champions of the policy - led by chief technology officer Liam Maxwell - will tell you over and again that this is not about any one supplier or product, it is simply about ensuring maximum competition and choice for public sector IT buyers.

But of course, everyone else knows this is really about breaking the dominance of Microsoft Office and avoiding lock-in to that one supplier.