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ODF Toolkit gets first Apache release

The H Open - OpenOffice is not the only Open Document Format (ODF) project that is currently incubating at the Apache Software Foundation. The ODF Toolkit project has just announced its first release since it entered Apache's project Incubator in August 2011, labelled "0.5-incubating".

The ODF Toolkit is a set of lightweight Java modules for processing Open Document Format (ODF)/ISO/IEC 26300 documents, the standard format used by OpenOffice and LibreOffice among others. The toolkit allows a developer to programatically create, scan and manipulate ODF documents but does not have the overhead of an office suite. The developers say this makes it ideal for use on servers to allow web applications to import the open format. It includes ODFDOM, a document model for examining ODF documents, a high level Simple API for manipulating the ODFDOM, an ODF validator and XSLT Runner for applying XSLT stylesheets to ODF documents.