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Of Microsoft, Netscape, Patents and Open Standards

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - I still remember well the day in October 1994 when I downloaded the first beta of Netscape's browser. It was instantly obvious that this was a step beyond anything we'd had until then, and that it was the dawn of a new Internet era.

Netscape went on to become the key Internet company - indeed, its highly-successful IPO probably did much to establish the credibility of this new-fangled cyberspace thingy with the business world. Of course, after just a few years of glory, Netscape's management made a series of missteps, and the company gave up its leading position in the browser world to Microsoft, which retained it until Mozilla came along to claim back the crown that its progenitor Netscape had lost.

Against that background, this news is pretty rich:

Here’s a deal that would have made many minds explode back in the 1990s: Microsoft is buying Netscape. Or at least most of the important parts of the company that used to be synonymous with “Internet.”