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UK Gov supports EIF1 in guidance for use of Open Standards

Cabinet Office -  "When purchasing software, ICT infrastructure, ICT security and other ICT goods and services, Cabinet Office recommends that Government departments should wherever possible deploy open standards in their procurement specifications"

Government defines “open standards” as standards which:

• result from and are maintained through an open, independent process;
• are approved by a recognised specification or standardisation organisation, for
example W3C or ISO or equivalent. (N.B. The specification/standardisation
must be compliant with Regulation 9 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.
This regulation makes it clear that technical specifications/standards cannot
simply be national standards but must also include/recognise European
• are thoroughly documented and publicly available at zero or low cost;
• have intellectual property made irrevocably available on a royalty free basis;
• as a whole can be implemented and shared under different development
approaches and on a number of platforms



These extracts are from the Procurement Policy Note (PPN) Use of Open Standards when specifying ICT requirements issued 31 01 2011