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UK Government: Open Standards Must be RF, not FRAND

ComputerworldUK - Glyn Moody - As regular readers of this column will know, one of the key issues for open source - and openness in general - is what is meant by open standards. Too loose a definition basically allows the other kinds of openness to be undermined from within the citadel.

The key issue here is whether open standards mean Restriction/Royalty-Free (RF), or Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND). As I wrote at the end of last year, one of the biggest defeats in this area was the downgrading of the European Interoperability Framework's definition of open standards from RF:

The intellectual property - i.e. patents possibly present - of (parts of) the standard is made irrevocably available on a royalty-free basis. 

to RF or FRAN