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Whitehall tries to pin down open document standard

UKAuthority - Five years since a UK government first made open standards a priority and a year since they were mandated across Whitehall, a concerted effort has begun on setting standards for document formats.

As the first step in an 'open and informed debate' the government's Standards Hub has published 'challenges' relating to the viewing and sharing of government documents. 'Citizens, businesses and delivery partners, such as charities and voluntary groups, need to be able to interact with government officials, sharing editable documents,' it notes. 'Officials within government departments also need to work efficiently, sharing and collaborating with documents.'

The term 'documents' covers word-processed texts, spreadsheets and presentation slides.

The closing date for proposals is 14 January. Proposals will be opened for comment before a recommendation is made by the Open Standards Board, chaired by Liam Maxwell, the government's chief technology officer, the announcement said.