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Whitehall's open standards champions face 'real battle' to win over sceptics

Computing - There's going to be a battle in overcoming resistance to the government's Open Standards Principles for IT, according to an advisor to the Cabinet Office.

Launched at the start of November, the standards are designed to make government IT cheaper, better connected and more open when delivering services across Whitehall.

But according to Mark Thompson, strategy director for service innovator Methods and ICT futures adviser to the Cabinet Office, it's just the start of what could be a long, tough process.

"The real battle is overcoming all the resistance and all the attempts to smear it politically, to put it in a political box. It's just a fact of life that we are seeing this happen out there in the world," he told Computing.

"Historically, this country has always been an innovator, we're not so good at putting it into practice, and we're very good at having ideas."