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Code sharing and common APIs needed to boost government IT, says Camden CIO

V3 - Code sharing, common API, better leadership and collaboration between departments are all needed to boost the public sector's use of IT and digital services, according to Camden Council's IT chief.

John Jackson, chief information officer at the London Borough of Camden, told V3 at the 2014 IP Expo that government departments need to improve in a number of areas in order to boost digital technology adoptiona cross the public sector.

"We're always better when we collaborate. We always deliver better outcomes, we always do it more efficiently, and it's just quicker. I think that's what will transform the public sector," he said.

"I think in the old world, government existed in silos. It was there to do a job and that's it. That's all changing. If we continue to work in isolation, it costs more, people lives are disrupted, and we'll not meet the challenges that lie ahead - it's as simple as that. In the current climate, this forces a behaviour change or at least a rational discussion around doing it."

To achieve this goal, Jackson believes central and local government organisations should look at sharing code and systems to cut the cost and resources needed to move departments from the analogue to the digital age.