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Apple's Pyrrhic Patent Victory

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - The reaction to the jury's decision in the US patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung has been rather remarkable. I've seen it called all kinds of turning and inflection points for the computing/mobile world, as if we are entering some strange new era whose landscape is weird and unknown to us. This is utter nonsense. I don't think Apple's "stunning" or "total" victory - all phrases I've seen bandied about - is particularly stunning, or even a victory.

First, Samsung is appealing against the verdict. Alongside possible issues with the way evidence was heard, there's also the curious fact that the jury took relatively little time to come up with their decisions, even though the latter were extremely complex, and required detailed output. You can see just how detailed in the verdict document, which consists of 20 pages of complex tables with literally hundreds of boxes that needed filling out with "yes" and "no".

One explanation for the alacrity with which this was achieved is that the jury foreman was an engineer with a rather interesting background: