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Chip designer ARM buys internet of things software firm

ZDNet - UK chip designer ARM is attempting to make its hardware a more attractive platform for developers building internet of things services by purchasing European firm Sensinode.

Sensinode is a Finnish firm that provides software to allow embedded computers and sensors to communicate over low-power wireless networks using internet technologies, such as the IPv6 communications protocol. The firm has been instrumental in developing 6LoWPAN and CoAP standards that make it easier for low-power devices to communicate over the internet.

Internet of things (IoT) services are built on data collected by networked sensors embedded in everyday objects. Data collected by these sensors is aggregated and processed by computers distributed across private networks and the internet, and the resulting information used as the basis for these new services.

By purchasing Sensinode, ARM said it is hoping to make it easier for developers and designers to build IoT products and services, and complement existing initiatives such as its development platform mbed.