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Cyber security key to EU single digital market, says EC

Computer Weekly - Cyber security is key to creating a single digital market in Europe, said Jakub Boratynski, head of unit trust and security at the European Commission (EC).

“To most people the single digital market is about economics, but it cannot flourish without cyber security,” Boratynski told the Trust in the Digital World conference in Madrid.

Boratynski said the EC defines information security as the protection of networks and information systems against human mistakes, natural disasters, technical failures or malicious attacks.

“Failures in the digital world can have profound impacts on the physical world as we saw in 2013, when a systems failure caused the UK’s air traffic control service to restrict flights for a few hours,” he said.

The challenge, he said, lies in the fact that organisations often deal with a lot of unknowns – such as whether problems are being caused by technical failures or malicious attacks and, if it is an attack, who is behind it.