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DRM and HTML5: it's now or never for the Open Web

The Guardian - A meeting next Monday of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will consider whether digital rights management should be part of the HTML5 web standard. But what's your opinion?

The future of the Web is being decided at this very moment. While I'm speaking personally rather than for the W3C, the decisions made today by the W3C will build the Web of tomorrow, so these decisions will affect you. The question is: Are you at the table?

For example, take the issue of whether or not digital rights management (DRM) should be part of HTML. More than 20,000 signatures against DRM got delivered to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body where I work, which is led by Tim Berners-Lee and Jeff Jaffe and is creating the next generation of the web through its standards like HTML5.

The members of the W3C Advisory Committee will be trying to reach consensus on the decision to include DRM compatibility in HTML on Monday in Japan . While petitions can be useful to raise awareness, you can make much more of a difference by directly participating in the W3C.

Here's how.