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European Union adoption of cybersecurity measures delayed

Inside Counsel - Key countries, such as the U.K., want the measures to be perfected before widespread adoption.

The European Union has taken steps to beef up cybersecurity in 2013, approving new rules to outlaw NSA surveillance tactics and codifying a new set of boundaries for what qualifies as personally identifiable information (PII).

But when will the EU put those rules into effect? Only after they are signed into law by each of the EU’s member states… which is taking a lot longer than initially expected and could drag well into 2014.

An EU official who spoke with reporters on Dec. 2 says that some nations have demanded more time to sign off on a law that would provide strong punishments for privacy violations. According to the official, the measures are too complicated and sensitive for the nations to reach a full resolution this week.

According to Bloomberg, the proposed measures are unlikely to be adopted before European Parliament elections in May. This comes after an October announcement that the EU was dropping a planned 2014 deadline in favor of a pledge to introduce the measures in a “timely fashion.”