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Government seeks to harmonise IT device strategy

ZDNet - A team in the Cabinet Office is to create a set of common standards and define a set of "workstyle families" in an effort to commodify the government market for IT devices.

The plan is at the centre of the newly published Government End User Device Strategy, one of the sub-strategies within the broader Government ICT Strategy, and is aimed at providing savings and increasing the re-use and interoperability of PCs, laptops, thin clients and smartphones.

It involves the creation of a minimum set of standards for devices, to include characteristics and definitions, taking into account service management and security requirements. They will separate business applications from hardware, with the intention of removing vendor "lock-in" and creating more competition in the market.

Implementation of the strategy is being devolved to six workstreams: technical design; security design; market development; procurement and change opportunity (which will lead the work on quick wins); communications and marketing; and overall design governance. It is overseen by the Devices and Design Authority, which is accountable to the Chief Information Officers' Delivery Board.