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Groklaw to cease publishing new articles

The H Open - Groklaw, the paralegal blog which followed the SCO vs Linux lawsuits in detail over many years, is to stop publishing new articles from 16 May. In a posting on the site, paralegal Pamela Jones, also known as PJ, said that the main reason was "Linux won" and "SCO as we knew it is no more". The halt on 16 May will be exactly eight years from the opening of the site in 2003.

Although Jones believes that "the same people that propped SCO up are still going to try to destroy Linux" she says that the battlefield has moved and Groklaw is not needed the way it previously was. Jones says that she has other other tasks she wishes to return to and a project she wants to start on. "While it's been a thrill and deeply satisifying", she says that Groklaw also was "all-consuming of my time and skills and energy."