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Is UK a digital world leader?

BCS - A year on from the government’s digital by default strategy launch, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has claimed that the UK is as an exemplar for how to execute digital transformation.

Contrasting the UK approach with the much-maligned US Obamacare, Maude said: ‘GOV.UK is now setting the standard for other governments. It is open source and New Zealand’s government has taken over the source code from Obamacare launched to universal criticism and a lot of the commentary said “why didn’t they do what the British government is doing - the government digital service approach”? They did it the old-fashioned way.’

Whilst acknowledging ‘inconsistencies’ between departments and their digital capabilities, he also said that the UK has moved on from ‘being xxx at this stuff to becoming recognised as a world leader. It is not over yet though, there is a lot more to do.’