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Labour MP counters Vaizey with net neutrality motion

ZDNet - Tom Watson, a longstanding parliamentary proponent of digital rights, has put forward an early day motion against communications minister Ed Vaizey's anti-net-neutrality stance.

Watson tabled the EDM on Wednesday, after Vaizey indicated the government would not legislate to preserve net neutrality. Vaizey had called for a light regulatory touch, and said competition would serve to keep the internet "open". Net neutrality advocates have taken this as a green light for ISPs to try charging content providers such as the BBC and Google for the privilege of having their content given priority over that of rivals — a move they say will lead to a 'two-speed internet'.

The motion expressed "concern at the recent comments made by the Minister for Communications and Creative Industries that internet service providers should be allowed to abandon the principle of internet neutrality and prioritise users' access to certain content providers".