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Move over Bansky, Wallace and Gromit and Ribena; Bristol will make history as the first city to become an open operating system

TechWorld - Bristol could be about to become one of the most important ‘Internet of Things’ test beds in the world, assisting international cities in their quest to become smarter.

The UK city announced a partnership with networking company NEC yesterday. This unofficial contract will see the firm assist Bristol's council and university develop a bespoke software-defined network to connect every aspect of the city’s infrastructure in the future.

By summer this year, it will begin gathering city data in a centralised platform that third parties can access to create better services, and apps, for citizens.

The software-defined network, the first of its kind in a smart city, is being engineered by a team of University of Bristol’s researchers and led by high performance networks professor, Dimitria Simeonidou.

Crucially, as it is software-defined (as opposed to traditional networking methods), the network engineers can slice up bandwidth capacity dependant on a service (like connected buses for example) or an app developer’s needs. This ensures there will be enough bandwidth to serve such a digital infrastructure.