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Neelie Kroes Vice-President Of The European Commission Giving Europe's Scientists The Tools To Deliver

eGov - When I look at the many troubles we face today, it can be dispiriting. Our citizens worry for an uncertain future; our young people especially face horrific unemployment; governments confront impossible-seeming deficits.

But then I remember what we're good at here in Europe. And that gives me hope.

Europe has long been the smart continent, with a history of invention and innovation. We are the home of so many advances, from DNA to the SMS.

Today I want to talk about how we can support this changing world of science. And how we should invest in infrastructures for innovation.

Because one thing is clear: if we're going to give our economy the pick-me-up it needs, we're going to have to make most of our strengths.

That means we must do the best science, and innovate. For almost any question we face today, science and technology will help with the answer: from halting harmful climate change, to caring for an ageing population, to delivering the growth that secures future jobs.

But science itself is changing, too. We need to change with it. How?

Here are three trends in particular - trends we need to support.