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ODF TC Creates Advanced Document Collaboration Subcommittee

Rob Weir - The OASIS ODF Technical Committee voted a couple of weeks ago to create a new subcommittee, on “Advanced Document Collaboration”.  Robin LaFontaine, from DeltaXML will chair the subcommittee.

Since the entire ODF TC is quite large now (almost 20 active members attend each meeting) it is impossible to do a technical “deep dive” on every topic in our meetings.  So when a particular specification domain requires sustained attention for a period of time, we can create a subcommittee, to allow interested TC members to study and draft specification enhancements.   We’ve done this several times before.  For example,  the Accessibility SC  developed the accessibility enhancements for ODF 1.1.  And the Formula and Metadata subcommittees drafted those key parts of ODF 1.2.  I hope that this new SC will be equally successful in their work.