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Samsung splashes $25m on display patents business

ZDNet - Samsung Display, a unit of Samsung, has established a Washington DC-based licensing firm specialising in display patents.

Samsung has invested $25m to set up the firm, it emerged this week. Known as Intellectual Keystone Technology (IKT), the company is intended to strengthen Samsung's patent-related business, according to The Korea Times, which notes that this is Samsung's first business operating solely in patents.

"Samsung recently established IKT. Patents are a good source of innovation and we also need to protect our intellectual property by strengthening our patent-related business," a spokesman told the paper.

IKT opened in March and has already acquired over 100 display-related patents from Seiko Epson, related to OLED and LCD.

While Samsung's most well-known patent battle is with Apple, it recently dropped two long-running patent suits against LG Display over the latter's use of OLED and LCD.

If the paper's sources are correct, Samsung is taking a leaf from Microsoft's book on licensing and patents with IKT.