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Spies and Big Business Fight Cyberattacks

IHT - Britain’s intelligence services, working alongside security experts from private companies, are setting up a secret control center in London to combat what the head of the country’s domestic spy agency has described as “astonishing” levels of cyberattacks.

The existence of the so-called Fusion Cell was due to be confirmed on Wednesday in a statement on the government’s strategy to boost information sharing in an expanding cyberwar against online attackers.

..... The European Union, meanwhile, is studying proposals for greater information sharing among the 27-member alliance following a series of high-profile cyberattacks directed at eBay, PayPal and Diginotar, a Dutch Internet certificate company.

Despite increased international attention to a growing cyberwar, some skeptics believe the threat is being hyped by governments and by companies involved in an increasingly lucrative and pervasive security industry.

“Anything that uses ‘cyber’ in its title is a con and should be laughed out of the room,” according to Glynn Moody, blogging at ComputerWorld UK this week.

“Yes, attacks take place, but the fact that they take place across the Internet is no different from those using any other technology,” wrote Mr. Moody, an “open source” expert.