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Supporting research and innovation in Europe’s universities

Google European Public Policy Blog - As a company that started out in academia, we’ve always known that a lot of the world’s best computer scientists don’t work in the private sector (or in Silicon Valley, for that matter!) but in universities and research centres around the world.

Over the years, Google has invested in a large network of research and development centres around the globe, including 11 centres across Europe, Russia and Israel - and our newly announced centre in Paris. This diversity of engineering locations means that we’re able to create culturally diverse teams - and fun working environments. But they also enable us to stay closely in touch - and collaborate - with academics undertaking cutting-edge research at universities across Europe.

This week - building on an initiative we blogged about earlier this year - we announced nearly €3.7 million in research funding via our Focused Research Awards scheme. The grants are going to 14 universities and research centres in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.