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TechEye reveals what's under the bonnet of Britain's £98 PCs

TechEye - The government is launching a scheme to sell sub-£100 PCs to people who are yet without a broadband connection.

It's the brainchild of Britain's "digital champion" Martha Lane Fox, who wants to give the 9.2 million Brits who are not online the opportunity to do so. It forms part of the Race Online 2012 campaign, which aims to have every Briton online by the end of 2015. It supports the idea that the internet is a human right.

The £98 deal will include a refurbished PC, which will be supplied by e-cycling company Remploy and will run on open source, currently the Linux Ubuntu OS. The package will also include a flat-screen monitor, telephone support and warranty and will be  available from 60 centres across the country. Remploy is looking at other operating systems too, but it is likely to be open source Linux.