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The Greens/Efa in the European Parliament hold a conference on   "FINANCING CULTURE in the DIGITAL ERA "

8 June 2010 from 9:30-13:00 in EP Brussels, room ASP 1G3

The environmental and social crisis and an ever increasing pressure on natural resources have changed the scope of the notion of property. Faced with a rampant privatisation of the access, management and distribution of the planet’s common goods, we must rethink our categories.

The same kind of reflection applies to "Intellectual Property" rights. In this regard, a restrictive approach of patent rights and copyright can increasingly become an obstacle for access to knowledge. Whereas the digital era has made knowledge and culture accessible for the greater public and contributes to bring about a worldwide knowledge society, the sustainability of the creative class is in question. The aim of this conference is to explore the different ways out of this paradox and find a mutually beneficial solution. How can we guarantee a fair remuneration of authors and creators together with the universal access and circulation of knowledge and culture?