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Think tank backs shared web platform for local government

Public Technology - Calls for local government to form a single platform to provide web services have been backed by a right-leaning think tank.

A Technology Manifesto released by think tank Policy Exchange today examined how local and national government can use ICT to transform public services.

It said that a single digital platform, similar to central government’s, could help councils deal with budgetary pressures and improve services.

It said: “Though they must be free to determine their own course, local authorities will fail to achieve the benefits of digital government if they try to undergo the transformation completely independently of one another.

“A local GDS hub should be established to help them apply platform technologies, converge on open standards and replace more than 400 local authority websites with a single domain in the style of”

The idea of a single local government digital platform was mooted last year in a blog posting by Richard Copley, head of ICT at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.