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Top innovation expert launches European industrial forum

ScienceBusiness - Prof. Henry Chesbrough, the leading scholar of ‘open innovation’ management, is launching a European industrial forum to discover, discuss and share the most effective ways to organise business innovation.

The European Innovation Forum is a by-invitation gathering of senior innovation managers at leading companies across industries in Europe.  The forum, launched with Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke, is in collaboration with ESADE Business School in Barcelona, and the Science|Business Innovation Board, a Brussels not-for-profit association. First meeting of the forum is in June, at ESADE in Barcelona.

Open innovation is a term, first coined by Chesbrough in 2003, for one of several approaches to managing innovation. With it, big companies collaborate openly on R&D in networks of universities, small companies, suppliers, government institutes and other parties - both to get ideas out of the company labs and into the marketplace, and to get new ideas into the companies.