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Tradeshift CEO: UK government could save £852m moving to open e-invoicing

ComputerWorldUK - The UK government could save at least €1 billion (£852 million) in just a year and half if it adopted an open standards based e-invoicing platform, according Tradeshift’s CEO Christian Lanng.

Tradeshift is an online platform that allows businesses to easily transact with each other, through invoicing, payments and apps. The platform is based on open standards and, unlike other traditional platforms, is free for businesses to use.

Lanng’s comments come after he headed up a project in Denmark, which saw the government move to an open standards based invoicing platform. The platform is now used by 95 percent of businesses in the country and the Danish government saved €1 billion in its first year and a half – a figure that Langg said that UK government could easily match, considering its scale.