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What Has the Cabinet Office Got to Hide about Microsoft?

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - Readers with good memories may recall that back in 2012, I put in a Freedom of Information request to the Cabinet Office regarding an astonishing U-turn it had performed on the matter of open standards. To my surprise, I received back a treasure trove of emails documenting Microsoft's intense - and evidently successful - lobbying against the move to openness.

Well, in the wake of the UK government's latest attempt to move towards open standards, I thought I'd try to get ahead of the game by asking for similar documents now. Once more, I did this via the indispensable and easy-to-use WhatDoTheyKnow site (do give it a whirl if you've never tried.) Here's what I sent:

I am writing in connection with Francis Maude's speech on 29 January 2014 in which he announced that the UK government would be adopting ODF as one of its preferred formats.

I would be grateful if you could please supply me with the following information: