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Why a top net neutrality activist took a gig with an Internet provider

The Washington Post - At the height of the war over net neutrality, Marvin Ammori was one of the most outspoken critics of Internet providers, calling for tough new rules to make sure they don't block, slow or selectively speed up Web sites in exchange for cash.

Now he's been hired by the very industry he spent so long attacking.

Ammori, an attorney who is a senior fellow at the Democracy Fund, has spent the last few years writing op-eds, meeting with government officials and drafting proposals on net neutrality. While he wasn't the only person pushing for an aggressive policy by any means, he was one of a number of high-profile activists organizing grassroots support for the Federal Communications Commission to regulate Internet providers using Title II of the Communications Act, the law the government uses to police legacy phone service.

So why has Ammori switched sides?