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Why the UK public sector is slow to adopt the internet of things

The Guardian - When questioning whether the public or private sector is leading the way in adopting the internet of things (IoT), experts are unanimous in their stance: it’s the private sector.

The reason for this is slightly more contested. Perhaps unsurprisingly, lack of financial investment is consistently touted. George Osborne has announced that £40m will be set aside for research and development around the internet of things, which many people say is too little. “The truth is, that’s nothing. A venture capital company would provide this kind of funding,” says John Bates, head of industry solutions at Software AG. Instead, he offers, “Osborne should provide tax breaks for early adopters to remove the risk aversion.”

Jon Hook, vice-president of platform and product at Phunware, is encouraged by the pledged investment, but questions how far it will go. “With Gartner, IDC and Cisco predicting figures from £800bn to £1.5tn in net revenue generated by internet of things services, it’s hard to see what £40m will achieve.”