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Cloud Drives the Future – An Open Cloud Declaration

OFE Press Release - Brussels - 14th November 2013 - Today OpenForum Europe announces the release of Version 1 of the Open Cloud Declaration Link to Declaration, a visionionary document which we believe will serve as a foundation upon which to drive industry, government and institutional behaviour with respect to cloud computing. The Declaration sets forth ten founding principles explaining our vision for an Open Cloud.

This initial release of the Declaration has been developed in close discussion with a wide range of companies and organisations, extending beyond OFE's list of members and partners. This is just the start of a process to foster a constructive debate with all stakeholders. We therefore call on every organisation, whether from industry, the community, governmental or academia, interested in participating in this dialogue to not only express their support by signing the Declaration, but also invite them to contribute more directly. We plan to establish an ongoing working group of all supporters to further develop these Founding Open Principles, refining, updating and extending as appropriate.

We recognise that for cloud-based computing to succeed, its customers need to have confidence in it. Similarly, the benefits of cloud solutions and their efficiencies of scope and scale can only be realized in an environment that clearly supports responsible global information flows.

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