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Keeping the cloud free of private copying levies

OFE Press Release - Brussels - 15th November 2013 - Today OpenForum Europe is releasing a joint communication See attached with the Cloud Industry Forum and the Computer and Communications Industry Association, calling on the European Union to reject the application of private copying levies schemes to cloud services.

Cloud computing represents a huge opportunity for Europe, with an expected overall cumulative impact on GDP of close to EUR 1000 billion, and millions of jobs, by 2020(1). In particular the take-up by European SMEs is expected to grow rapidly, helping them gain in efficiency and positioning themselves on the global market. For consumers, cloud services delivers a host of useful day to day applications, new opportunities to share and store personal content, and new ways to consume creative content anytime, anywhere.

The signatories of this communication are concerned, however, that recent proposed policy developments would considerably undermine the potential of cloud computing for growth and innovation – as well as consumer welfare – in Europe through the application of levies to cloud services.

(1) See e.g. J.M. Barroso, ‘Innovating in the digital era: putting Europe back on track’, presentation to the European Council of 24-25 October 2013, available at

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