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Openforum Academy Fellows contribute to the Digital Agenda discourse through the publication of “Thoughts on Open Innovation”

Brussels - 20th June 2013 - Thought leaders in Open Innovation have collaborated to produce a book exploring ten different aspects of openness to contribute to discourse around the European Commission Digital Agenda.

While Vice President Neelie Kroes emphasizes the importance of the Digital Single Market in her keynote address in Dublin today, writers including Simon Phipps, Karsten Gerloff and Peter Murray-Rust, all Fellows of the OpenForum Academy, stress the importance of collaboration in a world interconnected by technology.

While some politicians fret over how to save the world from ubiquitous technology, the OFA Fellows ask how we can harness the omnipresence of digital science through collaboration to make the world a better place.

Open Innovation is a phrase that has become part of the vernacular and some now see it as the exponent of the network society. The authors of “Thoughts on Open Innovation” go further and, as described by Karel de Vriendt in the introduction to the text, seek to answer the following question:

“While there is little doubt that more openness will be beneficial to society, how can we balance openness with the need of companies to stay competitive? And how can we motivate bright spirits to continue to innovate?”

The authors eloquently argue that through collaboration and re-use of each other's output we all get better, both as a society and as a community of innovators, and also from a commercial perspective. In other words the shortest route to a truly single digital market for Europe is through collaboration and openness, and by removing barriers to open innovation formed by narrow, locked-in thinking.


Thoughts on Open Innovation” is available digitally and print-on-demand at