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OpenForum Europe – Management Changes Announced

Brussels - 23rd October 2013 - Developing and maintaining an 'open, competitive IT market' remains at the core of OpenForum Europe's mission and values. OFE maintains a unique independent  focus on the issues, and continues to develop its areas of capability and influence. Over the last year the OpenForum Academy think tank has greatly expanded and  now hosts a network of 40 expert Fellows, each giving a personal, unbiased, and innovative contribution to the debate. Over the last year two new books have been published providing a digest of their views.

Openness in the market, however, imposes a continuing set of new challenges, which extend OFE's interests beyond just those of Open Standards and Open  Source, and their practical implementation within public procurement. Impact of new paradigms, such as Cloud computing, have extended OFE's focus into areas of  openness of data, certification, cybersecurity, and codes of conduct, as well as maintaining the openness of the internet itself.

Consequently, OFE has taken the opportunity to realign its own resources and, after discussion with its members and partners, are making a number of key changes, both in the UK and in its Brussels office.

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